Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chewbacca Boredom and Animation Homesickness

the last few weeks I've been focusing on the comic. As a result I haven't been animating all that much so yesterday afternoon I said "FUCK IT! I miss animation" and I took the rest of the day off to animate Chewy growling while I watched A New Hope.

Below are some key frames. I'll post it when it's done.

Inking Practice

I've been wanting to get a comic done for a while now but I tend to second guess myself into oblivion if I don't have an immovable deadline biting at my ass. So, I got a table at MICE in September. Hopefully it will prove to be the fully cocked gun to the head I'm in need of... My hand is still In allot of pain so I've been practicing different types of inking in order to find a style I like that fits my physical constraints.

I've found, while drawing some Hobbes, that Waterson's loose brush style hurts me the least to do. But it's not the style I want the comic in. I'll post character stuff as I finish them up. if anyone has any suggestions as to different styles I should look at post them below