Monday, June 7, 2010

SNEAKY-DOODLES: how to use them as a stress reliever in work.

I LOVE animating cartoon shows!
I LOVE making unreal things move in unreal ways!
I LOVE posing characters in funny positions to get a gag across!

But alas... with some shows, you're not aloud to do that. (BOO!)
Cheap clients or silly bosses will wag their fingers saying:

"no, no, no! stop that fun!... This cartoon is too cartoony! What are we trying to do here, make A CARTOON OR SOMETHING?!! YOU THERE! Put more flat, poorly drawn, characters in there, with no expressions what-so ever, and don't move them unless you ABSOLUTELY have to damn it!"

This always gets me down and makes me sad... sad enough to do something drastic....

luckily I've found a way to cope with it! SNEAKY-DOODLES! sneaky-doodles are doodles done out side the frame in your flash file. shhhh, no one will see them but you.

here's how they work:
When things become to dull to look at in frame, and you know you're gonna get yelled at if you make it look interesting, just scroll to the side and do some quick sneaky-doodles! they can be whatever you want! it'll not only loosen up your white knuckled fists at work, but it'll also keep you loosened up for after work, when you can go home to draw the fun stuff.

did you know?: (when interesting poses are forced to stay inside your head, they can bottle up, and cause massive hemorrhaging. 9 out of 10 doctors agree: the use of sneaky-doodles insures a constant flow of creativity, stopping a boredom hemorrhage in its tracks, and making a work day at a "symbol tweening" factory tolerable)

warning: do not use sneaky-doodle excessively throughout the day as this may result in getting canned. only use sneaky-doodle when needed.

here's a few of my recent sneaky-doodles!

(if this was a porn blog, sneaky-doodles would mean something completely different.... this post may get allot of accidental hits)

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  1. You are brilliant my good man. I'm gonna try this!