Friday, June 4, 2010

The Very First Post Ever... or TVFPE! (which is harder to say)

Okay, so after a shit load of brow beating and good old fashioned arm twisting from friends and colleagues, I've been forced to start an art blog. That's right I'm jumping on the fast moving band wagon to self promotion! For those of you who know me well enough, you're probably taking bets on how quickly I'll become obsessed with this. Well the jokes on you! I don't have any obsession slots free at the moment, and I'm not about to give up "pissing into jars" for "excessive blogging".
Anyway, hopefully this will get my ass in gear make me spend more time on my own work. For now I'll just post some sketch book crap....


  1. Blog Away. I still think a cork-board right by the office in an elementary school is a better way to get your work seen.

  2. Great work Jim! Keep it up, I'LL BE WATCHING (and copying so I can get better)!

  3. Chad- I do kind of want to leave the commercial art business. Teaching would be fun. And with elementary could pretentiously answer all their questions by putting "elementary, my dear students!" in front of every statement.

    Justin- so you know, I read the "I'LL BE WATCHING" part out loud, and as creepily as I was able too. lol